Crushed aluminum silver foil balls in midair
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The DIY Aluminum Foil Hack For Chic Decor On The Cheap
This easy, budget-friendly hack is a fun way to create cute, shiny crescent moons and stars to use for celestial-themed event decor or gift decorations.
You’ll need some aluminum foil, masking tape, craft primer, and metallic acrylic paint — these materials only come to around $55, and you’ll get a ton of crafts out of them.
Simply shape the foil into crescent moon and star shapes, cover them with masking tape, and apply the primer. Once they’re dry, paint your shapes in any metallic colors you like.
Place your mini sculptures next to a lantern or candle for a moonlit dinner, hang them up as room decorations, create a baby mobile, or incorporate them into themed gift-wrapping.