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The DIY Dollar Tree Rack That's Perfect For Storing Toilet Paper
If you're fed up with toilet paper storage units that don't deliver what you need, take a look at the easy-access toilet paper storage rack shared by TikToker @makeitwithmicah.
To make your DIY hanging storage rack, you'll need two metal trellises, some oval-shaped planters, satin paint, and zip ties from Dollar Tree, plus ribbon and knobs from Amazon.
Leave the metal planters with their original silver metal design or paint them. Let them dry for six to eight hours while you join the bottom ends of the trellises with zip ties.
Drill two holes in the back of each planter and feed a zip tie through them to attach the planters to the trellis backing. Next, hang your rack on a wall or a door with a hook.
The TikToker decorated her planters with ribbon and added fancy knobs on the front, but you can use various crafting materials to create a look that suits your bathroom.