Lady bugs on a plant
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The DIY Ladybug Feeder Your Garden Plants Will Thank
You For
Ladybugs are a natural pest control, but getting them to stick around is tricky. To create a DIY feeder, you’ll need hollow bamboo or PVC pipe, a saw, drill, string, and raisins.
Buy 1-foot or 10-inch lengths of bamboo or PVC pipe between ½ inch and 2 inches in diameter. Make sure to protect your hands with cut-proof gloves since a blade might slip.
Using a handsaw, cut the ends of each short length of bamboo or PVC on an angle. Drill holes at each end on the long side and thread your twine through, knotting it on the inside.
Pop in a few raisins and hang your ladybug feeder near plants infested with pests. Once they’re done eating the dried fruit, the ladybugs will have something else to snack on.