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The DIY Sun Shade That'll Protect Your Garden On Extra Hot Days
If your garden doesn't have a lot of natural shade, you can shield your plants from the impact of sunlight during summer by making a DIY sun shade like @mygardenburner on TikTok.
First, check which areas require shade and take measurements to decide how big you want the sun shade to be. Leave enough extra room so the area will receive plenty of shade.
Next, use a saw to slice eight pieces of PVC pipe, including four legs, and then four pieces to create a square and connect all the legs at the top.
Take your four legs and add one connector piece per leg at the top, with two open holes sticking in opposite directions, before adding a base on the opposite end of each leg.
Ensure each leg is in place and standing on its base around your chosen area, and insert the rest of your frame pieces. Drape your cloth over the frame, leaving no gaps.
Finally, use your heavy-duty zip ties, twine, thin rope, or string on each corner to ensure that it stays in place and that you get full coverage of the area you desire.