Big pile of jumbled up handbags
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The Dollar Tree DIY That Keeps Handbags Neat & Tidy In Your Closet
Sort out one of the worst culprits that cause a cluttered closet — your handbags — using this affordable DIY organizer created from acrylic photo frames found at Dollar Tree.
TikToker @fabedhacks demonstrated how to make the organizer using five 10-by-8-inch acrylic photo frames, a 12-inch rectangular sign from Dollar Tree, and some E6000 craft glue.
Place the 12-inch sign face down on a flat surface, then position the frames on top of the sign, spaced 2 ½ inches apart or as needed to fit your handbags, and glue them in place.
If you have lots of handbags, make a larger organizer by buying the 17-inch sign from Dollar Tree and attaching more photo frames to provide extra slots to accommodate handbags.
Once the glue has dried, place the organizer in your closet and store a handbag between each photo frame. You can also customize your organizer with decorative paper or fabric.