Stuffed animals lined up on floor
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The Dollar Tree DIY That'll Make Storing Stuffed Animals A Breeze
If you’ve got a gazillion stuffed animals, consider this organization solution using a $1.25 mesh laundry bag from Dollar Tree that transforms the toy clutter into cute kid decor.
Thanks to a TikTok hack from @j3nnif3r_11, you can create a cheap stuffed animal hammock that keeps the toys off the ground and organized without confining them to a closet or bin.
First, cut the laundry bag lengthwise but not the drawstring cord, which will give the hammock some tension to contain the stuffies and prevent them from cascading onto the floor.
Once you cut the bag, find a corner of a wall and secure each end of the newly made hammock to opposing walls. Then, fill it up with as many stuffies as it can reasonably hold.