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The Drawback To Getting Rid Of Ants With Boiling Water
Having an ant hill in your yard can hurt grass by destroying its roots and suffocating grass blades. However, think twice before pouring boiling water over them to get rid of them.
If you're not careful when pouring the water, you can burn the surrounding turf, killing the grass there as easily as you would kill weeds with boiling water.
You also need a lot of water in order to kill an entire colony, so you will need to pour boiling water over it more than once, increasing the risk of killing nearby vegetation.
Instead, use diatomaceous earth, which can kill ants without damaging your grass. It's made from shard-like granules that will cut the ants' exoskeleton and kill them.
Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth in and around the ant hill to destroy the colony. Repeat this step often until the ant hill is deserted, especially if it rains or is very windy.