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The Drought Resistant Grass You Should Use For A No-Fuss Lawn
Blue Grama grass stands out as an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a no-fuss lawn in drought-prone areas, thanks to its low-maintenance nature and minimal water needs.
This drought-resistant grass flourishes with just about 7 inches of water a year and adapts to a variety of well-drained soil types, thriving in soil pH levels of 6.6 to 8.4.
The grass favors full sun, requiring four to six hours of direct sunlight daily. While it is capable of self-seeding, occasional overseeding may be necessary to prevent patchiness.
Native to the southern and western parts of North America, including Mexico, Blue Grama grass is suitable for zones 3-10, effectively covering the entire continental United States.
The grass not only adds ornamental value with its changing color palette — from a dusty green in summer to brown and burnt orange in the fall — but also offers ecological benefits.
This lesser-known grass creates a natural habitat for wildlife and helps prevent soil erosion. Moreover, it can tolerate air pollution and doesn't need any pest control measures.