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The Easy Fix If Your Laundry Pods Aren't Dissolving In The Wash
When your handy laundry pods aren't dissolving in the washer, leaving residues on your clothes, simply try adjusting the water temperature, loading method, or storage technique.
If you see plastic residues in the machine or on clothes, increase the water temperature, as the heat will dismantle the chemical bonds holding the pod's outer plastic coating.
If your clothes' laundry codes instruct you to use only cold water, buy laundry pods specifically designed for use with cold water.
Alternatively, briefly soak a laundry detergent pod in a bowl of hot water until the outer membrane starts to break down, then add the liquid to your washing machine.
You should also place the pod in the washer's drum before adding dirty laundry, as it needs as much contact with water as possible
to fully disintegrate.
Similarly, avoid overloading the washer and placing laundry pods in its automatic detergent dispenser, as they'll both prevent the pods from fully dispersing in water.