Close-up of zebra wart haworthia succulent
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The Easy- To-Grow Succulent You Might Not Have
Seen Before
Even for a novice plant parent, the distinctive zebra wart haworthia succulent, with its zebra-like striped leaves, is easy to care for and sure to liven up any room in your home.
The zebra wart reaches only 8 inches in height, so it doesn't need much space and can be grown in any kind of container, provided it has drainage holes to avoid damaging the roots.
Although not drought-resistant, it can go several weeks — or more in humid conditions — without watering. Water it every two to three weeks when the soil has completely dried out.
The zebra wart is not harmful to your pets, and it’s resistant to most diseases and pests, except for mealybugs, which you can eliminate easily using a houseplant insecticide.
The succulent loves bright light, but direct sunlight can burn its leaves. It tolerates low light and even artificial light, so a south or east-facing window is a good spot for it.
You can grow it outdoors in partial shade — just bring it inside when it gets colder. It shouldn’t get too much fertilizer, so fertilize only once in spring and again in the fall.