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The Easy Way To Use Paper Towel To Make DIY Floor
Mop Refills
According to TikTok user @brunchwithbabs, you can create an affordable, DIY mop refill with just a roll of paper towels, your favorite cleaning agent, and a mop head.
You can use any type of paper towel for this trick. However, if you're unsure about it, the TikTok hack recommends Viva paper towels, which are extremely durable and absorbent.
Begin by grabbing a roll of paper towels. Wrap one around your mop head
— as you'd do with your commercially prepared floor mop refills — and ensure
it's securely in place.
Next, grab your favorite cleaner, spray it directly onto the paper towel, and you're ready to mop. Alternatively, you can also spray some cleaner directly onto your floor.
For more sustainability, opt for reusable bamboo paper towels, which you can wash after each use, and forever say goodbye to the commercially prepared floor mop refills.