Carpenter using a sander on wood
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The Easy Wood Hack That Makes At-Home Sanding A Breeze
Follow TikTok woodworker Jonathan Katz-Moses’ advice to add pencil marks to any wood surface you’re sanding so you can be sure that your projects always turn out smooth and even.
Scribble lightly over the entire surface and then sand until all the pencil marks are gone. If the surface hasn’t been evenly sanded, any low points will still show pencil marks.
Katz-Moses recommends a .5mm mechanical pencil and a light touch so your marks will be easy to remove because they won't make deep indentations in the wood.
Start sanding with the coarsest sandpaper, graduating through increasingly finer grits until your surface is completely smooth. Avoid using too fine a grit between each stage.
Using this method ensures you sand the entire surface evenly but without over-sanding, which can cause low spots in the material's surface — the very thing you’re trying to avoid.