Beautiful ornate porcelain tea cups
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The Elegant Tiered Planter You Can Make With Old
Tea Cups
If you can’t bring yourself to discard your beautiful old teacups or ceramic mugs and they’re stashed away in a cabinet, turn them into a charming planter and put them on display.
You’ll need three or four spare tea cups; fast-drying cement, like Cement All Multi-Purpose Construction Material from Home Depot; a rectangular silicone mold; and small plants.
Drill a drainage hole in the bottom of each cup and cut the saucers in half. Mix and pour the cement into the mold and insert the cups with half-saucers under them while it’s wet.
Ensure ¼ to ½ of each cup is embedded in the cement, and leave enough space above the cups for the plants to grow. The saucers under each cup will catch the runoff when watering.
Let the cement dry fully before removing the planter from the mold. Then, line the cups with newspaper, add your soil and plants, and hang your planter or lean it against a wall.