Bright red tomatoes on the vine
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The Essential Garden Tool TikTok Swears By For Growing Tomatoes
To get your tomato plant vines to grow in an orderly fashion more easily, you need a plant-tying machine that will better help support them.
This tip comes from TikTok user @tx_kerri. The tool uses semi-flexible gardening tape along with a stapling capability to trellis tomato plants to another supportive structure.
Her video shows the tool at work as she simply pushes the open device against the plant vine and stake until the tape is extended to wrap around both.
She then squeezes the handles together to staple and cut the tape in one easy motion. Her followers raved about the device, claiming that it is incredibly convenient to use.
The Funteck plant-tying machine is $35 on Amazon and has a 4.2-star rating, based on over 1,200 customer reviews. It comes with 10 rolls of tape, 10,000 staples, and spare parts.