Brown buttoned armchair from George Smith in white living room with moroccan rug and fireplace
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The First Piece Of Furniture You Should Buy For A New Home
When furnishing an empty home or room, it's important to consider your desired ambiance, lifestyle, and what needs the room will serve, interior designer Bonnie J. Steves advises.
Instead of starting with a single piece of furniture, Steves believes that “a well-designed house starts with an item of inspiration,” like a painting, a rug, or a favorite movie.
By determining how you want to feel in the space and your specific needs, you can create a roadmap to help you make informed furniture choices that align with your vision.
Be mindful of avoiding a chaotic aesthetic by narrowing down your inspirations and creating a mood board to visualize how different elements can work together harmoniously.
Your piece of inspiration will help guide the overall design direction of your room, and help you choose the right furniture that aligns perfectly with your aesthetic vision.