A white sweater with yellow armpit stains
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The Game-Changing Laundry Product That Banishes Yellow Stains
Yellow discoloration in your white clothing can be tricky to remove. Luckily, bluing liquid agents, like Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing, were created to combat this issue.
White fabrics feature blue undertones to appear clean and snowy white. Manufacturers add bluing, but it can wash out over time, turning your items yellow with age, wear, and tear.
Though bleach is usually associated with preserving whites, this liquid can actually cause yellowing, as it can be damaging to fabrics and leave them susceptible to turning yellow.
Made from blue iron salt, Mrs. Stewart's or similar bluing liquids don't rely on the harsh chemicals found in bleach to fix discoloration and combat the loss of bluing.
Combine ¼ teaspoon of bluing liquid with a quart of cold water. Bluing can stain clothes without being properly diluted, so it is important to follow the bottle's instructions.
With a washing machine, add your bluing mixture during the wash or rinse cycle. To hand-treat items, combine two or three drops with cold water and submerge your pieces.
These non-toxic bleaching agents can make your white pieces look brand-new. You can find Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing at Walmart for around $10 for two 8-ounce bottles.