Pepper plants growing in the garden
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The Garden Companion That's Easy To Grow And Your Peppers Will Love
Known for being easy to grow, marigolds are an excellent choice for gardeners looking to improve the health and productivity of their pepper plants through companion planting.
The strong scent of marigolds naturally wards off common pests like aphids and whiteflies, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. This makes peppers safer
for consumption.
In addition, marigolds attract beneficial pollinators essential for fruit production as well as predatory insects, like parasitic wasps, which help keep pest populations in check.
Moreover, marigolds, especially French marigolds, release natural compounds that combat nematodes, parasitic roundworms that can damage the roots and stunt the growth of peppers.
The planting arrangement also benefits from marigolds' shallow roots, which do not compete with pepper plants' deeper roots for nutrients, allowing both to thrive together.