June bug larvae
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The Garden Staple That'll Keep June Bugs Off Your Lawn
June bugs can ruin a lush yard, chewing away at the grassroots while enticing lawn-digging predators. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an eco-friendly option for getting rid of them.
DE powder is extracted from fossilized diatoms and cuts through the bugs' exoskeletons and internal organs with their sharp microscopic edges, causing them to die from dehydration.
Opt for food-grade DE, which is safe around kids and pets but effective against lawn pests like June bugs. A four-pound bag of food-grade DE from Home Depot costs around $12.99.
For best results, apply it in late May or early June to intercept the bugs before they lay their eggs. Use DE when no rain is forecasted for 24 to 48 hours on a freshly mown lawn.
Use a garden duster or your hands to scatter DE evenly, taking care not to over-apply it in a way that repels the bugs. Reapply the powder weekly for a month or after a rainstorm.
Alternatively, you can make a solution from 4 tablespoons of dry diatomaceous earth and a gallon of water. Apply it with a garden sprayer or spray bottle for uniform coverage.
While DE is eco-friendly, it poses a hazard to human eyes and airways, so wearing a respirator mask and safety goggles is advised.