Dill, Anethum graveolens. (Photo by FlowerPhotos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Garden Vegetable That Loves Being Planted With Dill
Companion planting in your garden is helpful as some plants can benefit each other by drawing in or repelling bugs. Planting asparagus next to dill can help both plants.
In hot weather, dill can flower before they should. Growing it in the shade of taller asparagus plants can keep their environment cooler, allowing you to harvest the herb longer.
Dill draws in ladybugs and lacewings, beneficial predators of aphids and other pests that eat away at asparagus. The herb can also keep spider mites away from your vegetables.
Plant dill seeds ¼ inch into the soil, two feet away from nearby plants but in the shade of your asparagus. Both plants prefer moist, slightly acidic soil; water them often.
Asparagus can survive for more than a decade, but it takes a few years before it’s ready to harvest. Dill matures within a few months, so more seeds must be planted regularly.