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The Gardening Activity TikTok Says You Shouldn't Overlook
Gardening can take dedication, time, labor, money, and planning. TikTok user @gardeningsimplified is changing the gardening game with a detailed, methodical approach.
In her viral video, she shares her planning process for the season by printing out the moon calendar for 2024 and marking the waxing and waning parts of each month of the year.
To her, waxing periods are best for planting aboveground crops, while the waning periods are best for planting belowground crops. She also marks the last predicted frost date.
She then shows how she has a complete layout of all her garden beds, marked with each crop previously grown and the soil testing and composition results for
each bed.
This level of gardening connects you deeper to the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth. If you want to garden like this, The Farmer's Almanac is a good resource.