Dirty tile grout lines in shower
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The Genius Candle Hack That'll Have Your Dirty Grout Lines Sparkling
Scrubbing tile grout lines is nobody’s favorite deep-cleaning task, but if you apply candle wax to them, you can make this laborious job easier and attract less dirt in the future.
The candle wax seals the grout, letting water run off instead of being absorbed and producing mildew and mold. It also reduces dirt accumulation, so you can clean less often.
Use a candlestick or the wax from a tea light, preferably white or off-white wax since most grout is that color. The candle wax must be applied when the grout is clean and dry.
Drag the tip of the candlestick over all of the grout lines, then run your finger over the grout to smooth the waxy film into it and remove any wax that gets on the tiles.