Wasps on a wasp nest under an eave
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The Handy Herb That Will Keep Wasps Far Away From Your Yard
Wormwood, also known as mugwort, is a powerful herb that repels wasps and brings a lush, enchanting, and beautiful element to your garden and medicine cabinet.
The plant contains a molecule used to create absinthe, which has a very bitter taste and smell that works wonders in repelling wasps from your home or yard.
Absinthe is naturally toxic to insects. Bees and wasps are attracted to flowers and plants based on smells, and wormwood gives off a scent that sends out a danger signal to them.
This herb has also been used in traditional medicine and herbalism for centuries to treat everything from digestion issues to irregular menstrual cycles, fever,
and cough.
Grow your wormwood in a pot, in your flower garden, or near the area you are trying to ward wasps away from. Keep it away from edible plants, as it will stunt their growth.