Stack of dirty white dishes on dark background, with washing sponge and bubbles
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The Handy Office Supply That’ll Keep Your Kitchen Sponge Fresh
Wet kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for food-based bacteria. While it is important to wring them out thoroughly after every use, using a binder clip as a stand can also help.
For this hack, simply acquire a clean, medium or large binder clip. Once you finish washing your dishes, rinse your sponge and wring out as much excess water as you can.
Insert the sponge vertically into the black clasp of the binder clip, allowing it to stand upright. Place the bottom of the clip on a flat surface, ensuring it remains undisturbed.
Position the sponge where it can receive adequate airflow. For faster drying, periodically flip the sponge to expose both ends and facilitate airflow.
Make sure to wash the binder clip with soap and water and then thoroughly dry it when you replace your existing sponge with a new one in order to ensure old germs don’t transfer.