Hats hanging from hooks
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The Hat Storage Solution That Won't Cause Damage
Placing hats in a drawer can flatten them, while hanging shelves eat up valuable closet space. Luckily, adhesive wall hooks provide a savvy, damage-free solution for storing hats.
As shown by TikToker @thehouseofsequins, start by installing adhesive hooks to your walls, ensuring there is enough space between them so that all the hats are displayed properly.
If you prefer not to attach hooks directly to your walls, consider mounting them on the side of a dresser instead. Just be cautious about the potential for damage to wood surfaces.
While Command Hooks are typically safe for use on wood, it is wise to test the strips in a less noticeable area before committing to numerous hooks in a highly visible location.
This technique requires no drilling, thereby eliminating the risk of damaging sheetrock. However, careful removal is crucial to prevent the adhesive from damaging the paint.