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The Helpful Tip That Can Keep Annoying Lawn Weeds Under Control
Since most weeds spread by dispersing seeds, an effective way to control their growth is by removing the seed heads before they mature, thus preventing them from propagating.
This method involves using sharp garden shears to carefully cut off the visible portion of the weed just above the ground while ensuring not to disturb the soil beneath.
It's crucial to properly dispose of the weed heads to avoid inadvertently promoting more growth. For extensive weed problems, regular mowing can serve a similar purpose.
Start your mowing regimen early in the season — typically from early to mid-March — and continue mowing weekly to weaken the weeds and give your grass a better chance to thrive.
After mowing or cutting weeds, be sure to rinse off any garden tools used, like mowers or shears, to prevent the accidental spread of a weed’s seeds to other parts of your garden.