A man using a ladder to access an attic
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The Holes At The Top Of Your Ladder Actually Have A Handy Purpose
The holes found at the top of many ladders are not just random; they are strategically designed to help users organize and hold different tools and items during various tasks.
The hole can accommodate a range of tools like screwdrivers and can even hold paint cans. This feature eliminates the need for frequent ascending and descending to retrieve tools.
Additionally, some ladders have a central indent, which is useful for holding items like a quart of paint, painter's tape, or a collection of nails and screws.
Moreover, many modern ladders are equipped with hooks at the back, ideal for hanging larger paint cans, and slits on the front for attaching a paint roller tray.
Newer ladder models often include slide-in tray hooks, which further expand their functionality by allowing attachments such as utility trays or small paint pails.