Small, packed pantry
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The IKEA System TikTok Swears By For An Organized Pantry
If you have limited kitchen storage, TikToker @allthings_cassandra shows you how to turn an unused closet into a pantry using IKEA's Boaxel system — ideal for organizing dry goods.
With the Boaxel system you can add brackets to which you can attach drawers, mesh baskets for storing canned goods or vegetables, and a drying rack from which you can hang baskets.
Install your Boaxel system securely into wall studs, and attach your shelves. Space them correctly to accommodate the size and height of the pantry items you want to store on them.
The IKEA Boaxel system is completely customizable and can be used in any room of your house, and if you have the space, you can purchase several Boaxel systems to store more items.