A white modern kitchen.
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The Kitchen Feature David Bromstad Swears By For Instant Luxury
HGTV's David Bromstad regularly helps homeowners renovate their homes by suggesting minor upgrades to existing features in order to create high-end, luxurious-feeling spaces.
When encountering a kitchen that featured solid wood cabinets that had seen better days, Bromstad suggested adding relatively inexpensive soft-close door hinges and drawer slides.
Often mistaken for self-close hinges, soft-close hinges allow effortless closure by simply nudging the door, as the hinge smoothly completes the rest of the closing motion.
Operating on hydraulics, these hinges and drawer slides offer resistance, preventing cabinet doors from loudly slamming shut, making them a practical and noise-reducing upgrade.
Soft-close hinges for cabinet doors are readily available on Amazon, offering a pack of 10 for under $20. Similarly, a set of six drawer slides can be purchased for about $50.