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The Major Drawbacks Of Buying These Toilet Paper Brands
Some brands of toilet paper have serious negative impacts on the planet. If you prefer eco-friendly products, it’s easy to find out which ones to buy and which to steer clear of.
Traditional toilet paper uses virgin wood pulp, which means that trees are cut down to make it, and its fancy packaging is often non-recyclable, creating unnecessary waste.
On the other hand, sustainable, recycled brands require far fewer natural resources, use cleaner processes, and minimize packaging, which reduces their environmental impact.
The toilet tissue brands from Procter & Gamble (Chamin), Kimberly-Clark (Cottonelle), Georgia-Pacific (Quilted Northern) are some of the worst environmental offenders.
The production processes of these companies — which can include harvesting from the Canadian boreal forest — received an F from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
Who Gives a Crap, Trader Joe's toilet paper, Everspring from Target, and Seventh Generation, all scored A’s from the NRDC for their commitment to using recycled materials.
To make planet-friendly purchases, bypass the big three manufacturers (and those you’ll find in Costco and Amazon Basics), and go for brands with recognized sustainability efforts.