A pair of Ikea Kallax units on wheels with countertops
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The Major Storage Benefit Of Gluing Two Ikea Kallax Shelves Together
Transform a pair of Ikea Kallax shelves into a custom workbench that also doubles as a spacious storage unit, using this DIY hack from TikTok creator @theflippedpiece.
To make your bench, you’ll need two Ikea Kallax units that are two cubbies high and equal length when laid horizontally, plus a large piece of plywood and some wooden strips.
Also, get strong adhesive, brackets, nails, screws, a hammer, and a drill or screwdriver, plus paint and any extras that will suit your project, such as hooks, accents, and wheels.
Lay the Kallax units back-to-back and join them together by using the adhesive and then screwing in the brackets along each side. This creates the base of your workbench.
Position the plywood on top of the base, then cut it to fit before nailing or screwing it down. Use the thin strips of wood to build a frame around the bottom edges of the piece.
Paint the unit as fits your project and style, add a topcoat to seal the surface, then install any extra hardware or design accents to complete your unique, custom workbench.