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The Many Benefits Of Adding Hakone Grass To Your Landscaping
Originating from the wet woodlands of Mt. Hakone in Japan, Hakone grass is a popular tuft choice among gardeners. Beyond its good looks, Hakone grass offers other benefits as well.
Hakone grass is a slow-growing, non-invasive perennial, admired for its 3-foot-wide lush, green clump and its 10-inch-long, lance-like foliage that change color during the year.
This low-maintenance ornamental grass can deter rabbits and deer from your yard and is resistant to black walnuts that release growth-inhibiting chemicals.
They also tolerate varying light conditions, glistening a tranquil green in heavy shade and turning yellow in dappled sunlight; however, full sun exposure can bleach them out.
Hakone grass can be used along garden edges or as accent plants and gap fillers. Interplant them with similar shade-tolerant plants, or grow them behind purple or blue-hued plants.
Due to its small stature, Hakone grass is a lovely fit for container gardening. Provide it with well-draining soil and insulate the plant during cool months using mulch.