Yellow lights on a front porch
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The Meaning Behind A Home With
A Yellow Porch Light
Porch lights are often changed to match the seasons or holidays, but some colors hold special meaning. Yellow bulbs have an inviting, happy color and give a comfy vibe.
Yellow light bulbs can coordinate porch décor with a theme for a gathering, whether you're featuring bumble bees, lemons, or sunflowers in your welcoming front door wreath.
They can also have a practical use: keeping pesky bugs away when you’re relaxing on the porch in the evening. In fact, yellow is a color marketed specifically for bug lights.
Yellow porch lights can also signal awareness for causes or send messages of comfort and hope, especially regarding mental health and suicide prevention.
Using different porch light colors can signal an openness to conversations and a willingness to share information about important topics with neighbors and guests.