Paintbrush with green paint running down a wall
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The Paint Hue Fixer To Fabulous Swears By For Your Home's Exterior
In an episode of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous," hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs updated a charming craftsman-style home's exterior by painting it with Farrow & Ball's Lichen color.
The Lichen paint made this home look distinguished, yet peaceful and welcoming. Farrow & Ball describes the color as a "calm and muted green named after [...] algae."
Jenny Marrs added Farrow & Ball's Lime White for trim and Card Room Green for the shingles, which, according to her, gave the house a look that's "timeless, historic
and pretty."
Lichen evokes woodlands and foliage in an energetic, life-affirming manner. The tone is best for houses built in a straightforward style such as craftsmen and Cape Cod homes.
While neutrals are still the most popular colors for exteriors, consider the setting, architectural style, and vibe of your home when deciding if this green could be right for you.