Bed bug on pink knit fabric.
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The Pest Control Method That Isn’t Worth Trying On Bed Bugs
Using double-sided tape to get rid of insects is a DIY version of adhesive traps, both of which aren’t effective while combating a bed bug infestation.
Bed bugs are small and weigh very little, so they’ll mostly be able to walk over the tape without becoming stuck. They may also eventually learn how to avoid the tape altogether.
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends using steamers and other heat-based treatments, along with interceptor traps to effectively tackle a bed bug infestation.
Set your steamer’s temperature to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and apply the steam around your mattress, box spring, bed frame, or any other spaces where bed bugs could be.
You can also put your bedding and clothing in the dryer on a hot setting and seal them inside plastic bags or containers. For a lasting solution, consult professional pest control.