Hardwood floor in a bedroom.
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The Popular Cleaner You May Want To Reconsider Using On Hardwood
Keeping hardwood floors clean is important to preserve their charm. While Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a popular choice among homeowners, it may have some major downsides.
Although the product is advertised as a “residue-free” cleaner, some users have stated that the cleaner leaves residue on Brazilian, red oak, and solid oak hardwood floors.
Negative reviews claim that the product, specifically its new formula, leaves behind a hard-to-remove gray film and a “slightly sticky residue” that remains even after rinsing.
Some buyers also frowned at the product’s cost. A 128-ounce refill bottle of Bona is priced at nearly 15 cents per ounce on Amazon, totaling $18.97 for the unscented variant.
Comparatively, the Zep equivalent on Amazon costs just a little over 13 cents an ounce, or $17.19 per gallon, and the ECOLAB version is 9 cents an ounce, or $10.98 per gallon.