Blooming red rose flowers in the city park.
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The Pretty Perennial That'll Send Pests Running From Your Rose Garden
Japanese beetles and ants are common pests that may lurk in your blooming rose garden. Fortunately, you can utilize rue plants to effectively deter them.
Rue, a perennial, contains rutin and coumarin. These compounds contribute to the plant’s strong scent, which not only repels pests but is also toxic to many insects.
You can strategically position the rue plants around the perimeters of your rose beds or intersperse them within the rose bushes for a more diffused barrier.
These perennials prefer well-drained, even dry soil and require regular watering. Ideally, place them where they can receive full sun to partial shade.
Once your rue plant is mature, harvest some leaves to make a natural, dry insect repellent. Simply scatter dry, shredded leaves in areas of your garden where pests are a concern.