Hummingbird hovering near feeder
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The Pros & Cons Of Hanging Multiple Hummingbird Feeders In Your Yard
Hanging multiple hummingbird feeders around your garden offers more benefits than being able to feed more hummingbirds, but there are some downsides to know about, too.
Adult male hummingbirds become highly territorial during nesting season in the spring, so adding more feeders during the spring and summer may be beneficial.
More birds will be able to feed even if the males are territorial, and you can keep up less during the fall and winter months when the birds are migrating.
Extra feeders can also attract more pests and predators, however, so make sure to place them high enough off the ground that predators like cats can't reach them.
Additionally, everything from other nectar-loving birds to wasps to bears may try to access the sugar water.