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The Pros Cons Of Installing Plywood Cabinets In Your Home
With the cost of custom-built, handcrafted, or real hardwood cabinets being notoriously high, using plywood cabinets may be the better option for most.
High-quality plywood is more durable than MDF boards. It’s also more water-resistant and emits fewer VOCs as it ages, making it an excellent choice for rooms with high humidity.
Plywood cabinets have a clean look that gives them a timeless appeal, and unlike custom-built hardwood cabinets, they are relatively easy to install.
However, plywood has drawbacks. Despite being more expensive than MDF cabinets, low-quality plywood isn’t necessarily that much better than
the cheaper material.
Additionally, plywood is not as durable as hardwood. If water sits too long on the surface of a plywood cabinet, it can damage
and warp the wood.