Garden tools hanging on the wall
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The PVC DIY That Can Get Your Tools
& Garage Organized
If you're struggling with a cluttered garage and can't find a neat place to store your tools, a simple DIY project using PVC pipes and a piece of wood can help you get organized.
Start by slicing a PVC pipe lengthwise to create halves. Then, cut each half into sections approximately 2 to 3 inches long, using a hacksaw or a PVC pipe cutter.
Next, secure a wooden board, such as a 2x4, to your garage wall. Then, attach your newly crafted PVC hooks to the board, and your hanging tool storage is ready for use.
If a 2x4 isn't available, you can install the hooks directly into drywall using anchors, or into cement walls with the help of a masonry
bit and wall anchors.
This DIY solution not only keeps your tools organized and easily accessible but can also be expanded to other areas of your home, like sheds, laundry
rooms, and basements.