A traditional style porch light glowing on outside a house
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The Secret Meaning Behind A Porch With A White Light
As porch light colors have recently become a form of self-expression, traditional white lights retain their twin functions of welcoming guests and enhancing home security.
White lights serve as a welcome sign and help guests find their way in the dark. They also signal security consciousness, as they illuminate any dark spots around your home.
There are two types of white light bulbs: LED (light emitting diode) and classic, incandescent bulbs. The type that will best suit you depends on your purpose and priorities.
If security is a concern, LED bulbs are a great choice, as their bright, bluish glow will illuminate your home well. They use less energy, so you can leave them switched on.
Incandescent bulbs shine yellow in the dark, creating a warm, pleasing atmosphere in front of your home, and the softer light may be more comfortable for you and your guests.