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The Seed Mix TikTok Warns Against Buying At Big Box Stores
TikTok user @2Quacks5ClucksFarm has raised significant concerns about wildflower seed mixes sold at big box stores, warning consumers about their potential pitfalls.
The TikToker shows that these products often contain only a mere 1.83% of actual seeds, with the overwhelming majority being 98.15% filler, rendering them a poor investment.
Moreover, if the mix is not used promptly or stored for an extended period, the filler can absorb moisture from the seeds, leading to a lower germination rate and seed viability.
Furthermore, these products are often marketed as containing native wildflowers, whereas they frequently include non-native or invasive species that pose risks to local ecosystems.
Consequently, it’s wise to avoid these mixes. Instead, research native plants and wildflowers that are well-suited to your area, and seek out the seeds from a nursery near you.