Close-up of psocids or booklice
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The Shower Grout Pest You Should Keep An Eye Out For
Among the insects that you might encounter in your shower, a lesser-known one is called the psocid, or booklouse, which is attracted to moisture present in bathrooms or kitchens.
Psocids are 1 to 2 millimeters long, with a soft body, a long nose, six legs, and two thin antennas. They're white, brown, or gray and can have four wings or be wingless.
Booklice aren't harmful to people or pets, but their presence is usually a sign that there’s too much moisture and possibly mold in your bathroom, as they feed on mold and fungi.
To get rid of psocids, eliminate sources of moisture in your bathroom by repairing any leaks, ensuring there’s adequate ventilation, and reducing humidity with a dehumidifier.
You should also seal gaps and cracks in your grout, remove any potential food sources, and increase natural light in your bathroom because psocids thrive in darker environments.
Lastly, clean your bathroom with a mixture of hand soap and water or diluted bleach, which will kill psocids and other pests, as well as the mold and mildew that they feed on.