Pile of toilet paper tubes
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The Smart Reason Gardeners Are Saving Used Toilet Paper Tubes
You can revitalize your garden by burying your empty toilet paper tubes, as they encourage the bioactivity of earthworms in the soil, enhance water retention,
and provide aeration.
Toilet paper tubes are made of biodegradable cardboard, and when you put them into your soil, earthworms burrow around them because they create the perfect habitat for them.
Earthworms also need a moist environment, and toilet paper tubes hold water well. Bury them several inches under the soil, and when you irrigate, the tubes will soak up the water.
Burying toilet paper tubes also makes space in the soil, creating the aeration that both earthworms and your plants’ roots need. They can also help prevent and suppress weeds.
You don't have to remove the tubes, as the worms and soil microbes will decompose them naturally. You can also put them in your compost bin to aerate it and give it structure.