Potted orchids on an indoor windowsill
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The Sweet-Smelling Orchid You'll Want To Add To Your Plant Collection
The Lady of the Night orchid is a gorgeous white orchid that will enhance the overall scent of your home, especially at night when it is most fragrant.
The smell is sweet and citrusy, and since it's a neutral color, it complements every design scheme. Its scent is most prominent at night, attracting night pollinators like moths.
When well cared for, an indoor Lady of the Night orchid will bloom all year long, but they require at least 80% humidity along with comfortable temperatures.
Bathrooms are ideal locations due to their humidity levels, but you can also purchase a humidifier, humidity tray, or a humidistat to check on your home's humidity levels.
According to Orchid Republic, Lady of the Night orchids prefer lots of bright light and warm temperatures. They also do well in modestly sized pots with consistently moist soil.