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The TikTok Trend That Has Book Lovers Holding Onto Old Glass Jars
If you're a book lover and can’t seem to make your way through your to-be-read list, TikTok user @tatumreadsbooks shows you how to tackle your stack by reusing an old glass jar.
For this project, you'll need an old glass jar, a piece of paper, a pen or highlighter, and scissors. Start by writing down all the book titles from your to-be-read list on paper.
Cut each title into strips before folding them into tiny squares. Put these squares in the glass jar, cover the top with a lid, and shake the bottle to mix them up.
Once everything is thoroughly mixed, pick out one square to learn which book you'll read first. Choose a new square after you complete the first one to be surprised.
Get creative and decorate your old jar to make the project more exciting. Give the jar a theme based on your favorite genres, and use it as a bookend on your bookshelf.
Use a second glass jar to put the squares you've read inside to see your progress. After you get through all of your squares, buy more books and start the challenge over.