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The Timeless Backyard Design HGTV's Leanne Ford Swears By
Encourage your family to spend more time outside by creating a comfortable backyard using tips from the renovation HGTV's Leanne Ford recently completed on her home.
"This house is all about the [...] garden, and it's all about the pergola, and it's all about the sunroom," Ford tells Kilz on their blog. A lush garden never goes out of style.
The simple and elegant backyard space features a white pergola, lush greenery, a sitting area, and a natural color scheme backed by crisp white that can be used for all seasons.
Pergolas give shade while adding an inviting detail to a home's exterior. Painting it white lends a timeless appeal and provides a contrasting backdrop for greenery and flowers.
Climbing plants you can grow on a pergola include moonflowers or white roses. Introduce color with wisteria or bougainvillea to complement the neutral, calming color palette.
Train trailing vines by securing them to the pergola with garden twine, attaching new growth until the pergola is covered. Prune regularly to shape the plant and remove dead vines.