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The Timeless Color Scheme Christina Hall Loves Using
In Bathrooms
For those renovating a bathroom anytime soon, HGTV's Christina Hall recommends using the neutral color combo of white and champagne to create a consistently classic vibe.
In Season 4, Episode 9 of HGTV’s "Christina on the Coast," Hall uses this sophisticated palette of white and champagne in her clients Teri and Bradley's master bathroom.
Reminiscent of sparkling wine, champagne is a warm hue with hints of yellow or orange that offers a subtle yet uplifting contrast when partnered with white.
Throughout her career, Hall has designed several bathrooms that feature the chic white and champagne palette. Homeowners can display the simple, balanced duo in a variety of ways.
With a white base, a faint wooden bathtub tray with champagne-colored pieces like scrub brushes and bath salts placed nearby can help give an exquisite contrast.
Additionally, put an accent table made of brass or gold metal next to a freestanding tub or shower. A rattan towel basket or organizer would also define a notably blank background.