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The Toilet Seat You Need For A Spotlessly Clean Bathroom
Cleaning the crevices and corners around toilet seat hinges and the space against the toilet tank can be one of the most challenging tasks in bathroom maintenance.
If you spend an inordinately long period of time trying to keep these cramped spots clean, it might be worth considering investing in a quick-release toilet seat.
Quick-release toilet seats have specialty hinges that disconnect and reconnect with a simple click, allowing the seat to be entirely removed, cleaned, and reattached.
To clean the toilet seat, use a mild soap or multipurpose cleaner along with a cleansing cloth or disinfectant wipe. Then, wipe it down with a moistened towel followed by a dry one.
In addition, while the seat is removed, you can also wipe around the hinges and in the space between the seat and the tank. Once done, simply click the toilet seat back into place.