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The Tropical Indoor Plant That Can Keep Your Home's Air Clean
The split-leaf philodendron cleans the oxygen in its environment by removing airborne pollutants and bacteria, making it one of the top houseplants that are good for your health.
Native to the tropical zones of Brazil, this plant can be grown easily indoors. Its large glossy leaves and long stems not only are beautiful but help purify the air in your home.
The split-leaf philodendron grows marvelously indoors with little maintenance. Given the right soil and a delicate balance of sunlight and water, it can grow up to 10 feet tall.
This indoor houseplant requires a soil mixture that is well-draining and light. The soil's top layer needs time to dry in between waterings, as overwatering can damage the roots.
The split-leaf philodendron needs indirect bright sunlight and humidity. Place your plant in a bathroom, where the warm and humid environment will actually help the plant grow.