Fresh ginger root cut in half
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The Unbeatable Benefits Of Using Ginger
In The Garden
Besides being a great addition to many foods and drinks, ginger is an herb in your kitchen that can help solve a multitude of pesky garden problems, including root rot.
It has powerful antimicrobial properties that can not only boost your body’s immunity but also fight bacterial and fungal overgrowths around the roots of your plant.
Ginger acts as a natural fertilizer and is full of potassium, which plants need to grow and reproduce, and of zingerone, a compound that can deter common pests like caterpillars.
Add ginger root to your gardening routine by making ginger water. First, peel and grate fresh ginger into a pot of boiling water, leaving it for at least 10 minutes.
Let it cool before straining it into a sealable container to be stored in the fridge. When watering your plants, mix 1 cup of ginger water for every 3 cups of plain water.